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If you have a question about ACDC, please use the submission form below to get in touch. Click here if you are interested in volunteering.

Due to the volume of interview requests from students, we are not able to accommodate all inquiries. Please send your question(s) first using the submission form below, allow at least 2 weeks for a response and note the following:

  • ACDC respects the privacy of our residents and community members and does not share their contact information and will not connect students directly to community members for interview requests unless that information is already provided with their approval on our website or the individual’s personal or professional website.

  • For inquiries on housing statistics (vs questions directly related to ACDC’s developments, programs, or initiatives the agency is involved in), we urge students to conduct their research on the City of Boston’s website, the Boston Planning and Development Agency’s website, or other reputable online sources readily available to the public.


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