About Our Work

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Who We Are

The Asian Voices of Organized Youth for Community Empowerment (A-VOYCE) is ACDC’s dynamic leadership for youth from Greater Boston.

A-VOYCE serves high school-aged youth from the Greater Boston area, with an emphasis on low-income youth from Boston and urban Asian American communities in the metropolitan area.

Ideal Outputs of Youth Program:

  • Has positive peer relationships within the program

  • Self-reflection/awareness

  • Knowledge on Urban planning

  • Knowledge about broader ACDC work

  • Applies knowledge outside of A-VOYCE environment

  • Project experience on community identified issues

  • Self-identified advocate (difference between advocate vs. mediator)

The Challenge

The community process for urban planning, or planning of land use in cities, is not accessible to youth as it is.

Reasons being:

  1. Youth voices are often forgotten or overlooked because of adultism  - especially recently immigrated youth.

  2. Public meetings are not welcoming and inviting to youth - location/time not ideal for youth schedules, heavy-use of real estate jargon, lack of language accessibility

The Solution

Our program trains & equips youth advocates with knowledge on urban planning process so that they can influence city and state decisions about land use and shape the physical landscape of their neighborhoods.

+ Our Vision

We envision a coalition empowered Asian youth advocates that uphold equitable communities.

+ Our Mission

Equip youth with skills and knowledge to grow stronger as advocates and grow together as a coalition to actualize community needs.

+ Our Objectives

Youth will…

  • Understand their own power, ability and intersectional privilege.
  • Will have ownership over A-VOYCE as a space, develop positive relationships, and enforce culture to cultivate said relationships
  • Connect skills and learning to their own neighborhoods
  • Spearhead hands-on community initiatives
  • Shape development and growth of A-VOYCE youth programs

+ Our Values

We’re committed to:

  • Personal Growth
  • We believe in our own individual potential to grow and excel.
  • People Power
  • We believe in our fellow community members’ potential to grow and excel and our potential to grow collectively
  • People Centered
  • We believe in our power to choose to progress together by choosing to pursue the growth of our community instead of individual wealth.
  • Passionate Projects
  • We believe in in producing projects that the ignites creative expression of neighborhood culture and identity through creative projects and to center the needs of the most impacted in all the work that we do.