See-Town: Chinatown Walking Tours

Please note that as of July 2019 See-Town is on hiatus. Thank you for understanding. Please contact us if you have any questions.

This is just a sneak preview on some of the places you will see if you sign up for one of these tours. Big shout-out to Janice, Eileen, Jennie, and James for giving the tour in this video! Filmed & Edited by Amanda Huang.


Community Tour Guides
A-VOYCE, the youth program of ACDC, youth and AsianCDC staff provide you with the street-level knowledge of Chinatown that goes beyond the restaurants and the Gate. As residents and community workers, our youth tour guides know the back alleys and the hidden stories. 

Encouraging Community Engagement
Tours provide visitors with knowledge about Chinatown that focuses on community issues, and explores themes relating to education, activism, and culture. Through our tours, you get an in-depth glimpse of Chinatown and its transformations over time as well as become connected to dynamic youth and community workers who are dedicated to the preservation and revitalization of Boston's Chinatown.

A general tour with See-Town includes:

  • Chinatown Gate

  • Chinatown Park

  • Ping-On Alley

  • Oxford Place

  • Chinese Heritage Mural

  • Combat Zone

  • Central Chinatown (Beach Street/Harrison Avenue)

  • One Greenway

  • Hudson Street

  • Chinese Merchant's Building

  • Family Associations

  • Original Josiah Quincy School

  • Tai Tung Village

  • Oak Terrace

  • Metropolitan

1 - 4 participants
$60 flat-rate

5 - 12 participants
$15/adult & $12/youth

13 - 20 participants
$14/adult & $10/youth

21+ participants
$13/adult & $10/youth

For an additional fee, tourists can also opt for dim sum experience at Chinatown restaurant, which will take place before or after the tour. Please email to include dim sum with your tour.