Residence Lab


How might residents take ownership of Chinatown’s physical space in a way that preserves and fosters neighborhood identity?

This is one of the questions that artist-resident collective, Residence Lab aims to address through their work. Residence Lab, a new collaborative program run by ACDC and BCNC’s Pao Arts Center, seeks to explore. Launched in the summer of 2019, Residence Lab brings together local, emerging artists from various backgrounds including film, illustration, photography, sound art, poetry, and architecture and ACDC residents from 66 and 88 Hudson.

Come discover the creative results of bringing artists and residents together to shape a rapidly changing Chinatown and reimagine an empty lot next to the Chinatown Gate, recently transformed by ACDC’s youth and residents to become a community garden called Chinatown Backyard.

The exhibits are scheduled to be on display starting on Friday, August 23, during ACDC’s Films at the Gate Festival and closes on Saturday, September 28, during BCNC’s Experience Chinatown Festival.

This program is created in partnership with the Boston Chinatown Neighborhood Center and is generously funded in part by the Barr Foundation, the Sasaki’s Fabrication Studio and ArtPlace America.

Jeena Hah
Anju Madhok