Building Blocks - Financial Literacy

Whether you are saving up to purchase your first home, establishing your credit, or just trying to make ends meet each month, our workshops and financial counselors can help you establish and reach your financial goals.

Financial literacy workshops


ACDC provides financial literacy workshops covering topics such as budgeting, maximizing savings, credit building.

Personal Financial Counseling

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ACDC's trained counselors provide can help you establish a plan to budget, save, manage debt, and build your credit score. Whether you are saving for your first home, education, or retirement, we are here to examine your current financial situation, talk with you about your goals and customize a plan to meet them.

matched savings program

Saving up for your first home can be a challenge, especially for low-income families. For qualified households, ACDC offers an Individual Development Account (IDA) or matched savings program. This program helps families get in the habit of saving by matching each dollar the participant saves with $1 matching funds which can go toward the closing costs for purchasing a first home. Applications for the next program cycle are due July 31! Please email May.Chu[at] if you have questions about the program.

亞美社區發展協會再次推出配對儲蓄計劃,幫助中低收入家庭 增加儲蓄,為購買第一間住房做好準備!例如:您每存入$􏰁􏰂 亞美 社區發展協會將配對給您$􏰁􏰂 每個月配對上限為$􏰁􏰃􏰄􏰂 計劃為期一 年,配對總額不超過$􏰁􏰅􏰄􏰄。



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youth matched savings program


The A-VOYCE Blueprints program provides tools and resources for each youth participant to design plans for their future and to reinvest back into their community.