SaturPLAY is a series of 6 youth-led interventions to activate Mary Soo Hoo Park. Join ACDC youth in transforming more community spaces to make Chinatown a better place to live, work, and PLAY!

April - Oct 2016 (1st Saturday of every month)

Special thanks to our collaborator and co-sponsor:

April 2nd (2-4pm): Arts & Crafts
May 7th (2-4pm): Games Day
June 4th (2-4pm): Outdoor Library
July 2nd (2-4pm): Independence Day
Sept. 3rd (2-4pm): Labor Day
Oct. 29th (2-4pm): Halloween Celebration

**The raindate will be the following Saturday**

欢乐星期六 x 司徒麗英公園
4月-8月 2016(每个月的第一星期六)
欢乐星期六是青少年们组织的一系列活动(总共有6个活动)在司徒麗英公園(唐人街大门的旁边)。参加ACDC的青少年们一起改善唐人街,让唐人街变成一个更好的地方去居住, 工作还有娱乐!

特别感谢我们的合作方和赞助商: Rose Kennedy Greenway Conservancy

4月2日(下午 2点-4点):手工和画画
5月7日(下午 2点-4点):游戏日
6月4日(下午 2点-4点):室外图书馆
7月2日(下午 2点-4点):庆祝国庆节
9月3日(下午 2点-4点):庆祝劳动节
10月29日(下午 2点-4点):庆祝万圣节