Real Estate

ACDC works directly with the community to develop sustainable, healthy, and high-quality affordable housing, retail, and community space to meet the needs of Asian Americans in Greater Boston.

ACDC was born in response to critical community needs.  During the mid 1980’s, when Boston’s Chinatown sorely lacked affordable housing, Asian immigrants and other low income families had extreme difficulty in securing affordable homes, forcing many out of the neighborhood and into the suburbs where even greater cultural and linguistic barriers limited their access to essential services and job opportunities.  Community leaders founded ACDC to address these injustices.  To date we have completed two large-scale projects in Boston’s Chinatown, and are currently working towards a third.  In addition, we are looking for opportunities to work with rapidly growing Asian American communities who need our services outside of Chinatown.

ACDC’s real estate developments are large-scale, transit-oriented, mixed-use and mixed-income.  We work strategically with private partners to maximize the number and quality of affordable units we are able to develop while simultaneously fostering diversity that brings strength and additional resources to the neighborhood.  We work closely with neighborhood residents, business owners, and organizations to ensure that what gets built meets the needs and desires of the community.  We ground our developments in the principles of Smart Growth and sustainable design, creating transit-oriented-developments that maximize affordability while offer a variety of housing, services, employment, and transportation options to our residents.