Entrepreneurship Program

This year, A-VOYCE is launching an entrepreneurship program within A-VOYCE. The program is focused on branding Boston’s Chinatown through engaging, culturally rich civic stories. The entrepreneurship aspect of A-VOYCE so far has produced a myriad of projects, such as the Chinatown Walking Tour, A Chinatown Banquet, Project Stitch, in addition to a radio broadcasting project.

  • CHINATOWN WALKING TOUR: Chinatown Walking Tour is a program initiated by youth leaders in A-VOYCE. The program trains students to lead community tours of Chinatown and give visitors historical, cultural, and personal perspectives of the 100+ year old neighborhood. The program is student-run, allowing for A-VOYCE participants to take the lead. To book a tour, please visit this page.
  • A CHINATOWN BANQUET: The Chinatown Banquet is a series of 45 short video documentaries about Boston’s Chinatown.  It was created to raise awareness about the history, culture, and conditions of the neighborhood. While creating the Banquet, A-VOYCE members gained knowledge and skills in media production skills, urban history, art, and community awareness.
  • PROJECT STITCH: A-VOYCE student leaders pioneered the effort to create Project Stitch, an online community for API and minority youth to share their stories. A-VOYCE worked on a social enterprise project for the United Way Youth Venture. The Project Stitch team created a business plan requesting seed money of $1,000 for additional equipment and video editing classes so that they could gain the media skills necessary to take the social enterprise to the next level. The project was successfully pitched to local business and education leaders, who provided the seed money for the project to continue.