Community PlanIt: North Quincy & Wollaston

Community Planit

Community PlanIt is a game about your community.

We believe that most people want to have a say in how their communities work and how they plan for the future. We also know that this is often easier said than done.

The goal of Community PlanIt is simple: to provide ordinary people with a way to meaningfully engage with the planning process in their community... and, dare we say, make the process fun.

Play Community PlanIt to learn more about the issues facing North Quincy and Wollaston, share your ideas for how to make the area better, and hear from your neighbors about what they think is important. As you compete for points and prizes, you can make a difference in Quincy--all you have to do is play the game....

藉此「社區計劃」互動遊戲來一起學習和討論北昆市和華樂斯頓地區正面對的問題 ! 和你的鄰居一起分享觀點, 討論如何改善社區。加入挑戰遊戲收集分數和獎品吧!





Download Community PlanIt Press Release [pdf]


This project is supported by the Metro Boston Consortium for Sustainable Communities Program with funding provided by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development.